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Importance of Checking Details on a Pay Stub

Using a fake pay stub will either get you fined heavily or facing jail time. But you find people still using fake check stubs despite this threat. They end up being used to make some sensitive financial decisions by landlords, employers, financiers, and such individuals. There is nothing good or excusable about misleading people in such fashion. You need to protect your business interest from those who present fake stubs. You need to understand how to differentiate real from fake stubs. You can see here how to do so.
You need to contact the organization said to have issued them. There are more business entities using a check stub maker to keep records of paid wages. Some of those stubs you see do not necessarily show genie info. Some are even written from some fake company. It is best to find out more about the organization. The organization’s license info should be available online and if it is absent contact the relevant local authority and find out if they hold a genuine silence.
It is important to ask more about their relationship with their previous employer. It is after you have found out about the company that you can ask them more about this person who says used to work for them. Where they have never heard of such a person before, you were given a fake stub. If they know such a person, ask for verification of the details shared in the pay stub. You should have gotten a written and signed permission from the person for such verification. It is how you get to know if you were given the real thing. You are likely to come across those who added on the figures to try and get better pay from your company.
Another simple and effective approach is to ask for their W-2 form. As much as you may get fake ones, these are not easy to manipulate. You need to see the details on the W-2 form and the pay stub matching. If they do not match, the pay stub is the likely fake one.
You may also ask for the applicant’s account statement. It normally contains even more reliable info. You should check what their previous employer sent to the account, and what the stub quotes as the pay.
Another tactic is to let them know you wish to verify the details they gave you. They will strive to make sure they only share truthful info.
You may not manage to know whether you are looking at a real or fake pay stub if it is expertly manipulated. You therefore need to be more careful. Check the minor details, which usually go unchecked as they attempt to make the most convincing forgeries. You can also learn more about those tricks on this site.

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