Play at home with microphone

4. 5. 2019 by No Comments

Singing Home competition? Why not.

Are you planning a party, celebration, sitting with friends? What will surely raise your mood and the fun is karaoke. On our website you will find online karaoke texts. You can sing and show everyone how good you are and if you are ashamed to sing on your own, sing in a group.
Sing for your joy

If you say karaoke, we'll have a smile on your face. Yes, karaoke is a real pastime, especially if you add a few drinks of a good drink and it falls out of you. In such a situation, is every good singer:-) And the fun will go on full pitch. Sing with the karaoke lyrics.

Make your own superstar with your friends

Play the superstar and choose the best singer. Karaoke texts allow you to do so. Choose an artist or group on our website alphabetically and sing their songs in your submission. You will be long and happy to remember this fun.