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Causes of mental health disorders .

Everybody will be happy maintaining the body in a healthy condition. In making one healthy , there are several ways that can be observed. Mental health is very significant through a human beings life. Sometimes people can develop problems that are associated to mental health. Lucky enough, there are many ways of controlling the disorders. The following are factors that can expose one to mental health disorders.

Discrimination among people.In any given society some people end up be set aside in many occasions.This is mainly observed in people living with various disabilities. People with disabilities are often not included in important functions like talent shows and the rest. Loneliness becomes portion of such people when they are isolated because of their disability. This is a very critical condition in mental health.

Death among loved ones. At some point in life death takes our loved ones.Some of them seem to be more close to us. Stress mostly develops at the realization of such a great loss and impact created. It is very appropriate for one to seek guidance from the experienced people in such matters. People who experience a loss of their loved ones should go for a counsel by professionals in mental health issues.

Child neglect. Some families separate apart through divorce.For those who are brought up by divorced parents they tend to feel neglected and isolated. Children raised by a single parent might feel unloved and neglected.Such children will not perform their daily activities well as usual.

Stigmatization problems.The most common stigma experienced in many communities is that of HIV/AIDS. Such people can be left lonely in some areas. In some places they are deprived the right access to some amenities. Their relationship affairs with people decrease because of that.Such isolation may lead to those being isolated to be stressed and develop mentally disorders.

poverty.The society is divided into two, those that belong to the rich class and those in poverty. Basic needs are mostly acquired only by those in high class. The rich always oppress the poor when working for them thus they feel themselves as low humans This easily exposes one to mental health disorders.

Lastly, attack by other diseases may cause mental disorders. Such diseases do not have cure. Such diseases are like ulcers and post traumatic stress.

The guidelines mentioned herein will help one reach a possible solution in keeping off from mental health problems. This causes can easily be avoided where necessary. counseling is the most common way of treating mental health disorders.

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