Special LED Technology

4. 5. 2019 by No Comments

With a shining collar for dogs, your evening walking will be safe again! Give him a new ornament for the neck, which is visible in a few meters thanks to the LED strip. Your hafan will be able to take place without fear, and you will not have to keep a shout. This widget makes the dog and its owner happy. The walking will be again fun and especially safe!
Practicality and great looks
Are you getting up to work soon? Do you need to quickly take out a dog to catch the morning shift? Thanks to the shining collar, the mowing will be faster and better. The dog will be on its own and it'll get tired all morning! Thanks to the LED technology you will see where it just snagging and running! Walking on a leash is tedious and boring for Bloodhound. Morning walking has never been easier! Even passers will appreciate that they will see where your furry man is just running.